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Hi! I'm Craig Ogden.

I was thrilled to have the chance to return to my home country of Australia to show you some of the amazing experiences you can have there.

I hope you've enjoyed watching the videos that were so beautifully shot by my colleagues from Classic FM, Susie and Laura. They did all the hard work while I swanned around having a fantastic time!

As part of my trip, Emirates and asked me to write a piece of music inspired by my visit.

When you think of Australia, you think of the sun. The inspiration for the beginning and ending of my piece was the way sunlight shifts and dapples its way across the landscape, be it the outback or a city as the sun comes up in the morning and goes down in the evening.

In particular I was thinking of the Sydney Harbour Bridge as climbing the bridge was our very first experience on the morning of our first day. The repeated use of the same bass and melody notes reflects the constancy of the structure (the bridge in this case) while the harmonies inside each bar shift; rising and falling to mimic the light travelling over different parts of the bridge as the sun rises and the day comes to life.

Early morning is when a huge number of Australians get their exercise — swimming, walking, running, cycling or walking the dog — and it is a stunning time of day. The whole upbeat middle section of the piece is intended to reflect this gradual explosion of energy as Australia wakes up and goes about its business.

I tried to make it sound energetic and 'bustley' but at the same time sort of laid back and relaxed. The return to the opening material is the wind-down towards sunsetwith the last chord of the piece and its very high top note representing that last pinprick of light as the sun disappears into the Indian Ocean off Perth. It's just as magical a time of day as sunrise.

I hope you might like to download the piece during the short time it's available on the Classic FM website and have a listen to see if my ideas conjure up images for you — or not!

Thanks for taking the time to read about my visit to Australia and my music.

All best wishes,

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