Jamie hits the road

Jamie Crick’s Video Diary – Part 1

By Jamie Crick

We gave Jamie Crick a video camera to film his day. From the cycle ride to work, to preparing the show with producer Phil Noyce, to finally broadcasting to the nation, Jamie takes us behind the scenes at Classic FM.

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10 replies to 'Jamie Crick’s Video Diary – Part 1'

  • Seraphim Alvanides

    Good idea Jamie and despite what people say, there are some dangerous cycling places in the North, too.

  • Susan Casserley

    I’m sure your outfit was very fetching Jamie, though I believe you have be some sort of lunatic to cycle in London, especially as there’s every chance of becoming a mascot on the front of somebody’s vehicle.
    Didn’t see much of the Royal Albert Hall or his monument come to that but as luck had it I was there with my sister last night and took in every detail.

  • Eleanor Patrick

    Three great videos – all too short!

    Jamie – any time you decide you could take on a helper for one day to add the odd comment here and there about what you’re playing, I offer myself for the job. Others might like a turn too! A once-a-week special??

    Fingers crossed the helmet is strong. Don’t want to lose you just yet.

  • Gay Widmer

    I enjoyed his commentary but did wish to see more of the background rather than his whole head – today’s mania of Close-Ups. No good his saying the Albert Memorial was behind him – his head obscured 99% of it. Would also have liked to see where the Classicfm office actually is ?

  • elaine james

    Im so glad i dont drive in london anymore and have to face mad cyclists that think they own the road !!!:)

    Actually a good video and a good idea :)

  • Catherine Schofield

    What a nightmare! Jamie is so brave cycling in London! That gyratory junction just reminds me of lemmings for some reason! My “commute” is much more sedate just the odd flock of sheep, occasional tractor stunning views of Yorkshire Dales National Park…Hmmmm tranquil! Flippin serious hills though!

  • Warren Pugh

    Beethoven is #1, and Classicfm is #2.

    Leave the diary on for a day or two. Please

  • Alan Tolfrey

    Jamie – you sound on your video exactly the same as on the radio – so something has to be good about that!
    It’s given me even more insight into your programme – Classic is on all the time I’m working from home – which is “all the time”.