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Jamie Crick’s Video Diary – Part 3

By Jamie Crick

Jamie goes behind-the-scenes at Classic FM to shed a little light on the preparations behind his daily weekday afternoon show.

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Jamie Crick

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7 replies to 'Jamie Crick’s Video Diary – Part 3'

  • Susan Casserley

    It’s as easy as that eh? don’t believe a word. Good show though

  • Iain

    And there was me thinking that you made up all your links between the music yourself. I didnt think you had a team of scriptwriters doing it for you?

  • Bernardo Coelho

    Jamie Crick, when we lived in Oxford, UK, during the studies of my wife, Classic FM was our constant companion and your program, especially requests, was our favorite. Congratulations on the programs and miss you in Brazil. Thanks, Bernardo

  • paul Hughes

    Hi Jamie could you play something appropriate for the looe to polperro coastal walk which im sure you have done many times

  • Mary Crack

    Dear Jamie,
    Your videos were really interesting. I sometimes get asked if I am related to you, but I have to tell people my name is CRACK not CRICK. I bet you never get asked if you are related to me.
    Mary Crack

  • Gordon E Glazebrook

    Nice to see you working!! The tidiness of the office surprises me!
    All the best.

  • Jennifer Clapton

    Hi Jamie,
    I really enjoyed your video on your journey in to the office and
    seeing your producer and where you actually work, I found it quite fascinating and an eye opener. Good job you don’t confuse the different screens that you work from.
    Thank you so much for this insight.