David Garrett playing tracks from Rock Symphonies

A Day in the Life of David Garrett – Part One

By David Garrett

David Garrett invited us to follow him to see what he gets up to in a normal day. We chose a day when he would be in London, doing promotion for his latest album Rock Symphonies. Then his ever-packed schedule changed and we ended up following him from London to Paris (it’s a hard life!).

We knew the life of an international soloist would be hectic, but we were simply bowled over by what he crammed into a few hours, playing a TV show in London in the morning, then travelling by Eurostar to Paris, where he went straight on to the set of another TV show.

David wanted to let Classic FM listeners behind the scenes to find out what the life of a soloist is really like. We’ll be updating candid video entries from David every day this week, finding out what it’s like living 11 months of the year in hotel rooms, travelling with a Strad and why he has trouble sleeping.

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David Garrett

David Garrett started to learn the violin at the age of four. He made his first public appearance aged 10 and at 13 he became the youngest artist to be awarded an exclusive record deal with Deutsche Grammophon. David has released several award-winning core classical albums and his latest album, Rock Symphonies, is a selection of arrangements of his favourite rock anthems.…

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6 replies to 'A Day in the Life of David Garrett – Part One'

  • Classicalady

    Sweet David, Just a little helpful hint about getting to sleep–don’t drink coffee before going to bed! Instead try drinking some hot chocolate/cocoa with real milk about 30 minutes before sleep. I also suggest a brand of tea called “Celestial Seasonings”. I don’t now if it is available in Europe, however, I would be happy to send you some from California. Or, I would love to deliver it in person and sing you a lullaby <3

  • Lori Nottingham

    I love David. What an incredible person, with incredible talent. You can see how much time he has put into his work. He’s worked extremely hard to get where he is in life. His dedication to his work paying off.
    A fan forever…

  • Harley

    This is exactly a thing I must find more information about, appreciate the post.

  • Joni Dillon

    Those darn plastic utensils..can’t keep anything on them!–Joni

  • Diane Varsek

    Oh, that’s our David……so sweet. I liked watching this part 1 and the ending was especially cute and funny! The shirt he has on is the one he worn in the M&G photo (the 2 of us!) in Madison, Wisconsin , Feb.12th, 2011