John Suchet and Classic FM on Radio 4

By Owen Hopkin

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Owen Hopkin

Owen is Classic FM's on-line Managing Editor. A previous life as a rock drummer has been glossed over with a new-found appreciation of piano minimalism and quality knitwear. A fan of the M4, Owen occasionally divides his time between London (home) and Wales (original home), which means he is a Swindon resident on average.…

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2 replies to 'John Suchet and Classic FM on Radio 4'

  • Cole91

    I see your site is similar to my website.
    Do you allow guest posts? I can write unique and interesting posts for you.

    Let me know if you are interested.

  • Christine Thomas

    Dear John, thank you for this morning’s selection of music, it has been very helpful. My dear grandson left this morning for his home in New Zealand after a stay of 10 months. Missing him so much, he has been a joy.
    Sincerely Christine.