David Garrett

A Day in the Life of David Garrett – Part Three

By David Garrett

David Garrett, en route to Paris, talks frankly about his jetset lifestyle, revealing that he spends almost the entire year in hotels.

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David Garrett

David Garrett started to learn the violin at the age of four. He made his first public appearance aged 10 and at 13 he became the youngest artist to be awarded an exclusive record deal with Deutsche Grammophon. David has released several award-winning core classical albums and his latest album, Rock Symphonies, is a selection of arrangements of his favourite rock anthems.…

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7 replies to 'A Day in the Life of David Garrett – Part Three'

  • donna

    It is very clear that you are “giving” away a lot of your energy…you are being “sucked” dry…take breaks, re-coup yourself, feed yourself “energetically”. Get out in nature; eat whole foods, rest, and sleep! Nourish your “Soul” like you nourish ours!

  • Marie

    Think we all agree, a collective “Awwww” So expressive in his face. Had to watch a couple of times because I tend to WATCH what he is saying, rather than just listen to what he is saying.

  • Luann

    Dear David, After seeing these videos I actually had trouble sleeping! I love your music so much, I listen daily and it is such a positive part of my life. I know you work very hard but please take good care of yourself. It is rare that one person can touch so many lives in such a positive way as you do. I hope to see you in concert in the future! Thank you so much!

  • Classicalady

    Dear David, I am sorry to say that you look really tired and wiped out. I have admiration and understand that your sacrifices and demands are many with such a hectic schedule and being on the road 11 months of the year. That is the price you pay for loving what you do, agree? Also, in your tired state you seemed very vulnerable and I was so sad to hear that most of your friends you consider business partners. (I wish I could change that for you) But, I think you are right in feeling that way because it is important to know who to trust with your personal life. Try to get some rest, and I hope we will see you tomorrow with more energy and a fresh handsome face. Also, I am very serious about my sleeping remedies, (part 1) but please, I do not want to sound like your mother. However, I can take good care of you with a lot of love and attention. <3 <3 <3

    • Geeeeezzzzzzz

      no hookers allowed! :D))) nobody’s better than MEEEEEEEE!!!!!
      I must be your business partner someday….:D ( not you!CL Just YOU! DG…) I know everything
      LOLOLOLOL just ask anything! 😉 I have real sleeping remedy…
      and much much more

      • Classicalady

        How wonderful that you are the BEST at what you do and that you know EVERYTHING too!!! Your parents must be very proud of you.

        P.S. David, I apologize for that person’s rude and immature comments Please do not allow this to reflect upon you personally or professionally.You do not deserve such disrespect and I am so sorry. Have a blessed and beautiful day!

        • Geeeez

          Geeez, none is meant in disrespect, just playfulness…
          I guess you didn’t listen to David’s Finland Interview when he spoke about masturbation…LOL!!!! Anyways, just Chill, David’s the Bomb! The Best! XO Peace Love Life 😀 Love Love Love;)