David Garrett

A Day in the Life of David Garrett – Part Four

By David Garrett

On his way to rehearsal for a French TV show, David muses on music and how it’s affected so many people, so profoundly, for so long.

Another intimate and revealing insight into the violinist’s life, we hope you’ll enjoy David’s penultimate video blog…

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David Garrett

David Garrett started to learn the violin at the age of four. He made his first public appearance aged 10 and at 13 he became the youngest artist to be awarded an exclusive record deal with Deutsche Grammophon. David has released several award-winning core classical albums and his latest album, Rock Symphonies, is a selection of arrangements of his favourite rock anthems.…

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7 replies to 'A Day in the Life of David Garrett – Part Four'

  • Karen

    D DAVIDSjjjjjjjjHi…Last fall I was switching channels found. ROCKand and Rock Symphonies on PBS. I HAhad never heard of David Garrett before that. I am so glad that I found him that night. His music has added a new dimension to my life. I love his music so much. Classical music his way is more beautifulthan any I have ever heard before. I must listen to DG every day !*

  • Joni Dillon


    You articulate so well, you are an extremely intelligent and caring person.
    Music is a very good thing in life!
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring me (for one) to pick up a violin and start playing it!
    First you are a human being..not a machine. Work is very good but rest is important too! Take care of YOU!



  • Classicalady

    I love how you expressed that everything in life has an affect upon your emotions. And that you use everyday life to evoke an emotional state-of-mind on how you play and interpret the music. This quality is something very special that you possess, David. That is why people love and are drawn to your incredible talent. Everytime I listen to you play “Air” a little tear of joy trickles down my cheek.You are sweet joy!

  • Barbara Ahlrichs

    I love these videos, I do wish they were longer. The concert in Chicago was wonderful. Thrilled about the national TV performance on DWTS next week. I will be taping that. Thank you for sharing a bit of your life, thoughts and extraordinary talent.

  • Marie

    Thanks so much for posting! Most of us realize having a camera pointed on you all the time is not ideal, and sincerely appreciate the time you do take to share!!! :-)

  • Mickey Augustine

    word should read “happening”…not happenint…sorry!!!

  • Mickey Augustine

    So glad I became aware of him… almost two years ago..He is beyond words… a once in many lifetimes…happenint….