David Garrett

A Day in the Life of David Garrett – Part Five

By David Garrett

In his final video blog for Classic FM, David Garrett tells us about Rock Symphonies as he’s on his way to showcase the album on French TV.  We also get to hear him warming up.

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David Garrett

David Garrett started to learn the violin at the age of four. He made his first public appearance aged 10 and at 13 he became the youngest artist to be awarded an exclusive record deal with Deutsche Grammophon. David has released several award-winning core classical albums and his latest album, Rock Symphonies, is a selection of arrangements of his favourite rock anthems.…

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7 replies to 'A Day in the Life of David Garrett – Part Five'

  • Bennett Tennyson

    Surely an amazing piece of content! We’ve saved it and posted it out to pretty much all of my buddies as I know they’ll be interested, thank you very much!

  • Mickey Augustine

    Just plain, adore this guy!!!

  • Joni Dillon

    That Eurostar is soooo cool..never been on it, but you know something? I am glad to go home to my apt every evening (unless I am staying with friends some eves of course) My business partners are my friends too…but I have friends outside my business life too. Let’s face it..most human beings spend 1/3 of their life at the office or working, 1/3 sleeping (Did you hear that David? You poor man…you don’t get much Zzzzzzzzz…too much music going through your head at night…and too much coffee to stay awake–a horrible visciuos cycle —and 1/3 doing whatever else..eating, etal…NO ONE has it easy…Sleeping aid? Buy a baby’s lullaby tune box and you will sleep…or pick up a great book about insurance policies and provisions..You’ll sleep! Ha Ha! I find I fall asleep when numbers start going through my head like the NY stock exchange -Joni

  • theo

    @Laura::Tal vez usted puede usar Google para traducir, y su comentario no es pertinente para la cuestión

  • theo

    the music is delicioso, but the dancers are wicked scary awful….

  • Laura

    Deberían tener una pagina en español para lo seguidores latinos